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The Wolves appear in Wolves of the Calla, and are similar to the mechanical bear, Shardik, because they both have the radar dish atop their heads and are likely also built by North Central Positronics. However, unlike Shardik the Wolves are completely robotic whereas Shardik is a cyborg. They appear to resemble the famous Fantastic Four villain, Doctor Doom, and use tiny golden grenades called "sneetches " (an homage to J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter) as well as energy-emitting swords that resemble lightsabers (a tribute to George Lucas' Star Wars films). The Wolves, preparing to attack the Calla, are ultimately defeated by Roland Deschain and his ka-tet.

The Wolves work for the Crimson King, and are responsible for bringing the children of the Calla back to Fedic so they can take the children's brain matter to feed to the Breakers, leaving the children roont. The final time the Wolves came was their last, and there are no more working ones left. However, in The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower  when traveling through Fedic the ka-tet sees some non-functioning Wolves that have not been activated still in the base. 

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