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The Western Sea Doorways were the three doors that Roland Deschain opened during The Drawing of the Three. They were to be used to draw his three (companions).

The Three Doorways[]

The Prisoner[]

Upon the Western Sea, Roland approached the first door, hinges floating. This first door was marked: The Prisoner. This door way lead to 1987, Eddie Dean's mind, on Delta Flight 910.

The Lady of Shadows[]

The second door, marked: The Lady of Shadows, led Roland into the dark mind of Detta Walker. Detta was in a Macy's, stealing cheap jewelery.

The Pusher[]

The final door, which Roland expected to be marked Death, was really marked: The Pusher. As dark as Detta's mind was, Jack Mort's was darker. Using Jack, Roland explored New York City, gaining ammo, and antibotics. Jack meets his death when Roland throws him infront of a train.

The Three Gunslingers[]

Roland believed his three companions to be metaphoric: Eddie Dean, Detta Walker and Odetta Holmes (since she was two in one body). However, when the two merge to become Susannah Dean, Roland questions where the third is.

In a way, The Pusher was the doorway to the third Gunslinger: Jake Chambers. With Jack Mort dead, Jake never gets pushed into the road and transfered to Mid-World.

The group had to use a fourth door however: The Boy.