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Welcome to the Dogan is a short story written by Robin Furth and published in three parts at the end of Chapter One, Chapter Two, and Chapter Three of The Long Road Home comic.


Following on the events of Charyou Tree, the story details the appearance of a ghost in the form of Queen Rowena who lures Arthur Eld through a Doorway which takes him to a Dogan of the Old Ones. Here he is captured and his form and memory are used to create an army of golems resembling the king and his knights that return through the doorway to terrorize New Canaan for months. Ultimately, Sir Alfred Johns and Sir Bertrand Allgood track the army back through the door, rescue the king, and with the help of the Guardians of The Beam, eliminate the golem army that taken up in the subteranean halls beneath Gilead's Great Hall.

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