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Father Callahan about to kill a Vampire

Vampires are a major part of The Dark Tower Series. Father Callahan went around the country killing and being chased by vampires. They are able to carry blood-transmitted diseases like AIDS. The vampires are servants of the Crimson King.


According to Father Callahan, there are 3 main types of vampires:

Type One[]

Type One vampires are the rarest and most powerful type of vampires. They are human-like in appearance but have two fangs and sometimes, their eyes glow. They possess great strength and speed, an incredibly long lifespan and the ability to hypnotize their victims with their eyes. But they also have weaknesses: sunlight burns their skin, they cannot enter a house and drink the owner's blood unless they are invited in first; however, Barlow was able to enter the house of Mark Petrie, crushing his parents skulls together despite never having been invited in. They are repelled by religious symbols, however, the effectiveness of the symbols depends on the faith of the bearer. If the vampire challenges a person in facing it without a cross, such as with Father Callahan, and the person agrees but backs out of the challenge, the lack of faith renders the symbol powerless. Prolonged contact with a religious item as well as a stake driven trough the heart will destroy the vampire. When they die, their bodies crumble into a black goo, leaving behind only their fangs. They are able to create Type Two vampires by draining a human of their blood in addition to the bites themselves making a person unclean. If a human drinks the blood of a Type One, they will be able to detect vampires, but become damned, unable to enter churches, being harmed by a holy force as a vampire is harmed by them, as was the case of Father Callahan. An example of a Type One is Kurt Barlow from Salem's Lot.

Type Two[]

Type Two vampires possess great strength and speed but aren't nearly as intelligent as Type Ones and are burned by the sun. They have an extreme hunger and live very short lives. They create other Type Twos by draining humans and can also create Type Threes with a bite.

Type Three[]

Type Three vampires are human in appearance, can go out in the sunlight and they get most of their sustenance from regular food. They do drink blood, but they cannot create other vampires. The Type Three bite puts the victims into a trance like state and also has memory-erasing properties. When they die, their bodies turn to dust.

Additional Information[]

In addition to these basic three types, there are the Grandfathers, who are the oldest and most powerful Type One vampires. Unlike normal Type Ones, they are inhuman in appearance, having a mouth full of razor sharp fangs, black eyes and wormy skin.