The Last Shot #1

                                             The Last Shot

News from the top of the Tower to you

Wiki News

Return of Admin

I am officially returning to the site, as I know I've been lacking in my contribution here. Nick has done a fantastic job keeping an eye out around here, but I need to keep my promise to all you Tower fans, seeing as I gave this site the face-lift it needed, and fans deserve to have the best Tower site around.

I will be monitoring activity again, as well as keeping the site up to date. Which brings me to:

Design Changes

Once again, it's time for us to undergo some slight aesthetic changes around here, which will happen in the next few weeks. Nothing major, but it will make the site more unique like when I changed the search bar and title bar.

Outside the Wiki

Facebook Page

Be on the look out for the new official Dark Tower Wiki page, which, by fan vote, will become it's own of facebook. I had supported the Path of the Beam page for awhile, but things have changed, and we will as well. This means the link on the main page will also be overhauled.

More to Come soon!

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