Last Shot
Issue #3

July 2015

Stan Richards

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A1 Dark Tower Film Adaptation

The adaptation of The Gunslinger are now in planning stages! Not much else has been revealed about the long-awaited project other than "some characters that appeared in King's other 50+ works will indeed appear", as stated by the Deadline.

A2 Dark Tower in Print

Stephen King may have not released any Dark Tower novels, or stated that he will, but other novels are on their way, including 'End of Watch', and it is known that King has many ties to the Dark Tower in other works.

Other than that, the comics move forward, still with House of Cards, with the last issue released on July 15th.


B1 The Power of Skoldpadda/New Admin

When users get the chance, they should welcome Skoldpadda as our newest, and third admin! So far he has done fantastic work, such as adding more obscure pages, but most importantly helping with the site design, including...

B2 Quote of the Day

As I listed in last issue, quote of the day was one of the site's features that I wanted repaired. Well, Skoldpadda has fixed the feature so that now it is a Random Quote, which means you may see more than one of the well written dialogues in a day!

B3 Return of The Battle of the Foods

I have entered us in The Battle of the Fantasy Foods once more. I have nominated Gunslinger Burritos, Graf, Nozz-A-La, and Lobstrosity Meat for selection. However, they will only be choosing 64 foods from all the fandoms for users to vote on, so if you read this, and get a chance, please re-nominate these Dark Tower favourites!

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