This post is in response to the numerous complaints I have been reading over the various talk pages, posted by non-registered users. Be aware, I am the only active admin remaining on this site, and as seen from recent editing history in the Wiki Activity, the only editor as well.

There are over 3000 views a day here, which is many people, however, out of them all, none choose to help expand this wiki, they all use the site but never contribute. Which would be fine, I support this wiki so that Dark Tower fans have a complete, comprehensive, and unique web-a-pedia for The Dark Tower.

However, viewers are not only just viewing and not contributing, they are complaining about the information we already have. They complain about the errors and list them on the the talk pages. See, I don't understand that. I leave all the pages on here unlocked aside from the homepage, so if there is an error that someone sees, they should edit it. This wiki is a community of contributors, and so people should be helping around here. I can not catch every error on the wiki at once. I am on for at least 2 hours a day reviewing pages and editing, but vast though my knowledge is of the series, even I will miss stuff.

So if you're going to visit the wiki just to browse and not to contribute, I don't think it's your right to go mucking up the talk pages with complaints. If this continues to happen, I will be blocking IP addresses. It may be crude, but I'm am getting a bit irritated with being the only editor and active admin here.

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