Wiki Activity


  • Recently on the wiki, we have had an average of 4,500 views a day. That's up from 3,000 two months ago.
  • On average, we have about 30 edits a week. Which isn't alot, but our wiki is pretty expansive.
  • When a user does come along and edit alot, they have removed information and/or posted unessassary comments based on our content.

Your Rights/My Acceptable Use Policy

  • I'm a pretty respectable admin, and if you are following the wiki guidelines and supporting the community, I have no problem.
  • If a user is going to insult or complain about the content, or quality of the pages here, or falsly edit/remove content from pages, I will ban said user on my discredition. I will also revert any changes back (even if they are correct), and delete any comments.
  • You have the right to expres your opinon, as long as it isn't offending/critizing others or their work. You also have the right to contribute to the community, as long as that contribution is useful and reasonable under our guidelines.

Action against false edits/Harrassment

  • As stated above, if an user falsely edits or post harrassing comments on the wiki, they can be banned on my discretion.
  • If the user has only done the preceding once or twice, I will issue a warning.
  • Since I am only one person, I am recruiting members to monitor comments, blogs and forums.

Peace Keepers

  • The 'Peace Keepers' will be a group of volunteers that will monitor the site and let me know if the above stated Rights/Use Policy is being defied by user(s). These Peace Keepers will be in contact with me, and will have special rights to the wiki as well as a 'Peace Keeper badge' added to their page.
  • Message me if interested.

Stan Richards,

Head Administrator

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