The Issue

It has recently been brought to my attention by my faith right hand, NickP96 , that we have recently had an issue with users/outsiders angered and distressed that we are using their images without permission.

Now, this does not give us a real legal  issue, it does give us a trust and community issue. 

What Does this Mean?

For the community, as a whole, what this means is that as we use images, especially those that are fanworks obtained online, a user should ask permission from the poster/author. If the poster/author does not respond in a week, I would say it should be okay to use it here.

Even I use this process. I even went so far as to email Gregory Hill when his images were release for the Dark Tower Movie (mind you I got no reply back from Mr. Hill). 

However, if we are unable to negotiate with a poster or creator of an image, and they simply demand that we remove and do not use their image, we will comply, as I even would in the case Mr. Hill got back to me. Now, you may be asking, why would we remove it if we can use it for ourselves and it isn't a legal impedement? The answer, in my opinion, is what I stated above, this is a trust and community matter. I want the Dark Tower Wiki to remain a respectable, friendly, and collaborative site. This means having good ties without having bad blood or giving those creators that would prefer us to leave their images alone having to message us with compliants.

In summary, ask permission first - give credit where credit is needed - and if any conflicts arise with creators of the images just be mindful, and take them down. If there are questions or concerns you can reach out to me or NickP96

I want to be an approachable, friendly admin, but if I get any compliants regarding a particular user violating this new process, be assured I will reach out to said user.


Stan Richards

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