So recently I have started a petition to hopefully get Ron Howard, major film outlets, and media to realize just how expansive us Dark Tower fans really are. You can find the petition if you >> Click Here << and want to sign it.

These plans and rumors about the Series being adapted have been going on for years now, but the big problem simply is: no company is really backing the project. Warner Bros. had hold of it for some time, but then unexpectantly dropped it. Why? Here we have an eight novel epic that is written by one of the leading authors of our day, as well as an author who has spawned more films/series about his work than any other (The Shining, Carrie, Under the Dome, to name a few).

Contacting Warner

When I contacted Warner, I waited three months, two weeks and a five days and recieved this as to the matter of taking over the project again:

Being one fan,' it is hard to take your points seriously. We do apologize you feel so strongly on the issue, but the choice was in the company's best interest. If we find in the future assisting in the production of the series is profitable, the company could take hold. Thank You for your concerns.

Thus, the petition. Dark Tower true fans are loyal fans. We don't have all this romantic standard fairytale crap (excuse me sai) that other stories have. We have a world full of truth: one that has been war ravaged and ultimately "moved on", one where happiness is hard to come by. But still the story reaches into your mind, and heart, and the story becomes yours and you become it's "constant reader".

Alas, we are not out of hope, a day after creating my petition, it was confirmed by Ron Howard that he is still interested and just "never realized how much media view there is". Coincidence? Maybe. I think not. So can I boast and say you're welcome?

I kid. Long Days, Pleasant Nights,

Stan Richards

NEXT: What you've been waiting for the unveiling of my ka-tet's two projects! We can confirm now that they are both games. One choose your own adventure, one interactive! Sneak peeks next time!

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