Hi there

The Dark Tower Wiki have been supported by only one Bureaucrat Stan Richards for 5 years. He's been doing a great job to keep to the wiki from vandalism while also contributing a lot with characters and book page. However, as he currently inactive rigth now, there's no one to taking care of this wiki.

You've all already heard about the upcoming Dark Tower series produced by Amazon Prime right? As they already revealed the aired date, this wiki already crowded back by new editor and etc. However, some of them are not contributing the way of how wiki supposed to run. There are many unnecessary pages without even a proper context that has been created only to expand the wiki. This wiki also threatened by an amount of unregistered people, who keep vandalism the wiki.

That's why i want to adopt this wiki. My intention are to keep the vandalism away, setting up new rules and guidelines, and taking care of some unnecessary page.

Anyway, feel free to drop here and we can talk about this adoption.

Thank you.

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