i just aquired all of the dark tower series and as many of the major connecting books that i could get my hands on, ive been wanting to start them for a while but i want to the the best reading experience from reading the whole series and the connecting books. I have seen two or three lists some that included the talisman and black house some didn't. i figured a form on a dark tower wiki would have some people who are extremely knowledgable in the dark tower series and the connecting books, so i would like suggestions as to what a few of you think the order to reading them to get the best epic experience should be.... this is the list that i have found that i will probably end up using, save for the stand because i've already read it, but if you have any objections or improvemenets to this list please fill free to say so, im wanting to start as soon as possible so the sooner i get a yay or nay the better.

1. The Stand Uncut 2. Eyes Of The Dragon 3. The Talisman 4. The Gunslinger Revised 5. The Drawing Of The Three 6. IT 7. The Waste Lands 8. The Mist (adds a dimension to W&G's thinny) 9. Wizard And Glass 10. Insomnia 11. Hearts In Atlantis 12. Black House 13. Bag Of Bones 14. 'Salem's Lot 15. Wolves Of The Calla 16. Song Of Susannah 17. The Dark Tower

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