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  • I live in Billings, MT, USA
  • My occupation is Doing stuff.......
  • I am a boy
Helix nebula
"So do we pass the ghosts that haunt us later in our live; they sit undramatically by the roadside like poor beggars, and we see them only from the corners of our eyes, if we see them at all. The idea that they have been waiting there for us rarely if ever crosses our minds. Yet they do wait, and when we have passed, they gather up their bundles of memory and fall behind, treading in our footsteps and catching up, little by little."

- The Dark Tower IV Wizard and Glass

My Story (thus far)Edit

I remember picking up "The Gunslinger" when I was in high school. I was instantaneously hooked. There was something about this crazy cowboy/knight-errant character, the fanatsy landscape and a quest straight out of one Tolkien's notebooks; with a twist that only Stehpen King, our favorite kas-ka Gan, could add. I continued to read the through....wait, I guess we are all here for the same reason so no need to bore you all to death with the same story told over a thousand times over. 

I am here to help improve. Ka like a wind seems to have blown me in this direction, and ye dare not disregard ka. Say true and say thankya. I also plan on taking back as much as I put in so I can learn as much as possible about The Dark Tower universe and mythology.

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