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Tull is a town located south of Pricetown and north of the Mohaine Desert. The town consists of a boarded up grocery, a livery, a tailor, a church, a barber, a dry goods emporium, and a bar. In the 2003 revised version of The Gunslinger it is also revealed Tull contains a train yard. Tull's population consists of 58 inhabitants, "thirty-nine men, fourteen women, and five childeren".

Roland comes to Tull in The Gunslinger in search of the Man in Black. When Roland first arrives in Tull he does not receive a friendly welcome. He goes into the local bar, Sheb's, and meets Allie. Allie eventually persuades him into sex. While in Tull, Roland goes to the local church and meets Sylvia Pittston, the local preacher. Roland goes to Sylvia's home one day and learns she is carrying a child given to her by the man in black. Roland uses his guns to kill the unborn child, provoking Sylvia's wrath.

The entire town of Tull meets its end in The Battle of Tull, when Sylvia Pittston convinces the town to kill Roland. In response, Roland murders all the people in Tull. Although it pained him to do so, in order to make it to the Dark Tower he couldn't allow himself to die.

In Song of Susannah, Stephen King reveals he named Tull after the band Jethro Tull.


Tull, as depicted by Gregory Hill (possibly for a Dark Tower Movie).

The entrance to Tull.