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The Troitans also known as the Blue Faced Barbarians originating north-west of Indrie. They are a group of polytheistic worshipping tribes who worship a pantheon of many vaguely-defined spider-gods.

They are based around warfare and focus on hunting and raiding cities being a male-dominated aristocracy with the supreme ruler of each tribe being denoted as 'Warrior General' which is gained through hand-to-hand combat.

Bkue faced

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Each Warrior General has their own council of druids who act as judicial, administrative and religious aids. Their youths are trained in 'warrior-arts' being taught the use of the bow and arrow, bah and bolt and six-shooter.

When they reach their teens they are allowed to join raiding parties with fully grown men. When joining battle the often cover their faces with a vibrant blue paste formed from Lapis Lazuli which gave rise the their nickname of Blue Faced.

They helped destroy the Barony seat of Cressia by allying themselves to John Farson.

Known Tribes[]