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Treachery #2 Comic Cover

Cuthbert Allgood, Alain Johns, Jamie De Curry and Thomas Whitman are practicing their shooting, firing at a buffalo skull. Jamie wishes they were using their bullets on Farson himself, disliking wasting bullets. He inquires where Roland is; Cuthbert and Alain tell him that Roland is ill.

Aileen Ritter, the niece of Cort, uses the armory key which she has stolen from him in order to enter the armory where the guns of the gunslingers are kept for when a boy comes of age. Entering, she takes a pair of guns as her own.

All the men, except Alain, notice Aileen heading in their direction. They make him a bet involving the use of his belt which leads to his trousers falling down and great embarrassment when he realizes Aileen is standing right behind him. His embarrassment makes him ask for a stand off against the other men. Aileen wonders why she isn't worthy of being a target. Cuthbert says it is because she's a girl and so she shoots the belt he holds, stating that she is just as worthy a gunslinger as he.

Steven Deschain nearly died from the grenade used by Farson's men, but he was saved by Charles Champignon who now lays bleeding out on the floor. Steven manages to stop the bleeding by throwing gunpowder on his wounds and setting it alight with a match. Charles passes out from the pain.

Aileen Ritter has been left on her own, and silently cries over what Cuthbert said to her. She stops, realizing a true gunslinger would never cry and speaks the teachings of the gunslingers, replacing the word "father" for "mother". She takes aim and destroys the buffalo skull.


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