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Treachery chapter3

Treachery #3 Comic Cover

Gabrielle Deschain is at Our Lady Of The Rose in Debaria attempting to shed the sins she committed by cheating on her husband Steven. She ventures to see the friar accompanied by one of Sisters there.

Cort and Aileen are arguing after she admits to stealing the Armory Key, with Cort saying she should act like a girl and not dress like a man or attempt to be a gunslinger. Cort says when Steven returns it will be up to him to decide her fate.

Steven and his party of gunslingers return to Gilead after destroying the group of Farson's men. Charles Champignon starts to bleed again from his severe wounds and grows weak during their return. He and Steven discuss his wife and unborn child.

Gabrielle reaches the church and is sent to confess to the friar by the Sister. She confesses her sins only to find out the friar is Marten Broadcloak in disguise, and once again she falls under his spell.

Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns grow tired of being called cheaters by other gunslinger apprentices and they decide that it is time Maerlyn's Grapefruit is taken from Roland and given to his father.

Roland Deschain sits protecting the sphere as a mother would an infant, reeking now of decay. His mind wanders across the sphere and he sees Rhea of the Cöos on her way to Gilead. He watches as she sneaks into a room where Steven is overlooking battle plans. He is unaware of Rhea's arrival. Roland watches in horror, shouting into the sphere as he watches her garrote and behead his father.


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