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The city of Gilead is preparing to celebrate the coming of age of Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns, who have been made full gunslingers for their exploits in Hambry. Some apprentice gunslingers feel jilted they didn't have to undergo the test of manhood, branding them cheaters.

They go to visit Roland, only to find him still fixated by Maerlyn's Grapefruit. They regret not telling his father of the sphere, making him hand it over.

Roland has placed his consciousness inside the sphere and finds his way to the Dark Tower and the Can'-Ka No Rey. He believes the Tower talks to him and witnesses the rose there, blacken and die. However it is revealed that the Crimson King was talking to him instead of the Tower and attempts to kill Roland, but before he can he leaps back out of the sphere's consciousness.

He realises he is destroying himself and must hand the sphere over to his father, but he quickly convinces himself that doing so could lead to his father becoming addicted and so convinces himself to keep it even longer.

Steven Deschain, Christopher Johns and Robert Allgood and others leave with the scout Justus to stop a force of John Farson. They find the group of men (one of which is called Wells) and mow them down with gunfire, one cries for mercy, tricking them into keeping him alive so he can arm a grenade and attempts to kill Steven.

It is revealed Justus is secretly working for Farson.


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