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Treachery chapter4

Treachery #4 Comic Cover

Gabrielle Deschain asks Marten where they will flee to now that she has betrayed her husband again. He says fleeing is not an option and she must help in overthrowing the gunslinger's oppression on the world and that she must kill her husband. Marten lies to her, promising her Roland will stay safe.

Roland, still in the sphere's clutches, sees the vision of Rhea of the Cöos heading to his room, when it actually is Cuthbert and Alain. They enter his room prepared to take the sphere from him when he fires upon them, and they have to duck for cover.

Steven Deschain and other gunslingers are going over their battle plans with Justus to decide how to act against Farson's forces. Justus says they must attack his mountain stronghold while he is weak. It is likely this is entirely a lie as Justus works for Farson. Steven pulls Charles aside and says he should go look after his wife while he heals as she is nearing the end of pregnancy, warning him treachery is everywhere.

Cuthbert and Alain confront Roland who explains why he shot at them and he finally agrees to hand the sphere over to his father. His father realises how dangerous it is and places it in his safe. Justus watches him through a crack in his door and sends a letter to an unknown person informing them where the sphere is.


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