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“Be at rest. Be at peace. Be at one.”
   — Thinny

Gunslinger born 4 thinny

A thinny is a place where reality has been eroded away. Thinnies appear to be silver-green clouds of fog.

They can sprout appendages to catch things that stray too close. Victims of a thinny may enter an empty space and not actually be consumed by it, as the one in Eyebolt Canyon states that you could join "the hum of the growing cavity at the center of the universe".

The sound that a thinny produces is extremely unpleasant and yet will lure nearby people in as if saying, "Come in". Thinnies have become more common since the "world has moved on."

In Eyebolt Canyon[]

Roland first came across a thinny in Eyebolt Canyon, northwest of Hambry. The thinny was crucial to Roland's plan to destroy John Farson's tankers. He lured George Latigo and his men into the canyon and then lit the brush in front of the entrance to trap them in. Cuthbert and Alain were almost caught in the thinny before Roland snapped them out of it. The tet escaped by climbing out, leaving Farson's men to die.

In Topeka[]

Another thinny is located along I-70 in Topeka. Here, it was revealed that putting one of Roland's original bullets in the ear will reduce the sound.

In King's Other Works[]

  • Morgan Sloat, from The Talisman, had a magical key that was able to open holes between worlds.
  • Thinnies have started to appear in the TV show Haven, which is loosely based on The Colorado Kid by Stephen King.
  • There is a thinny in season one of Hulu’s Castle Rock. This is supported by the warbling hum heard by Alan Pangborn across Castle Lake.


Thinny Gregory Hill

A thinny, as depicted by Gregory Hill (possibly for the Dark Tower Movie).


Farson's men being consumed by the thinny inside Eyebolt Canyon.