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The Wizard of Oz was originally a novel L. Frank Baum, then became several incarnatio

Wizard of Oz

Promotional Poster for the 1939 Film

ns of films. The best known is the 1939 adaptation by Metro-Goldwin-Meyer. The story is about Dorothy and Toto (the dog), who land in the land of Oz and seek to return home. They must venture on the yellow brick road to The Wizard, and along the way meet The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodsman, and the Cowardly Lion. They also must stop the Wicked Witch and her minions.

Role in The Dark Tower Series[]

The Wizard of Oz is mentioned several times in The Dark Tower Series and is the main basis for the ending of Wizard and Glass. Much like Dorothy, the ka-tet was blown to a world where magic and wizards are real.

The ka-tet find ruby shoes, just like the ruby slippers which Dorothy wears in the movie.

Randall Flagg also poses as The Great and Terrible Oz in a recreation of the movie's Emerald Castle. Upon arriving at the Emerald Palace, Eddy, Jake and Susannah are shocked to see that the Palace looks just like the Wizard's chamber from the film. When the enter, a booming voices calls to them and claims to be the wizard. However, Oy pulls back a curtain and reveals that the voice was only that of the Tick-Tock Man, just like in the movie when Dorothy's dog pulls back the curtain to find a man behind the curtain.