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Roland wakes in a barn and is greeted by eleven-year-old

Way Station 2

The Way Station #2 Comic Cover

Jake Chambers. Roland is suprised the boy didn't kill him when he had the chance. Roland throws up, and Jake offers him water and then fetches Roland some jerky. Roland explains that the reason he had his guns pointed at Jake earlier were because he thought Jake was someone else. Jake asks if it was "the priest".

Jake says the man in black camped outside the Way Station about two weeks prior to Roland's arrival. He says the man reminded him of a priest he once saw in the movie "Zorro". Roland knows not what Jake is referring to by "movies". Roland begins to ask Jake where he came from, but he can't remember it all, only a vague description of New York City.

Roland decides to hypnotize Jake with one of his bullets, and gets information from Jake about his parents, the city and his inevitable death. Jake says that a priest pushed him into the road, where he was hit, and blood was oozing from all the openings in his body. The priest came through for "an act of contrition" and Jake woke up in Mid-World. Roland then sends Jake to sleep.

Roland whispers to Jake, "You seem like a nice kid. I'll try not to get you killed, again."