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Roland has a nightmare of The Battle of Jericho Hill. Cuthbert is yelling

Way Station 3

The Way Station #3> Comic Cover

to Roland that they are betrayed. He then gets shot in the eye, and turns into Jake Chambers, the boy whom Roland just met. Roland then understands that he, himself, is the betrayer.

Roland awakes in a stable to find Jake gone. He leaves the stable and finds a massive pump, designed by demons, then he reminses of the demons that killed his friends, and all the killing he did himself. He leaves and finds Jake waiting oin the porch of the Way Station. They palavar, and Jake tells Roland about the cellar under the Way Station, one that reeks of death.

Roland has Jake lead him to it, and he begins to go down. Roland sees spiders, who are scared of Roland's latern, and then hears a digging noise through the wall of the cellar. He tells Jake to leave, and if Roland doesn't come out by the count of three hundred, to just go on. A voice from the wall tells Roland that while he travels with Jake, the man in black travels with Roland's soul in his pocket. After being attacked by a spider, who Roland shoots, he becomes inraged and punches a whole through the wall, grabbing the Prophetic Jawbone.

Roland goes outside and finds Jake, who comes and hugs Roland. Before going to sleep, Jake confines to Roland that he is the only person that makes Jake feel safe. After they both drift off to sleep, Roland mumuring "I betray everyone... 'Bert? Not true."

The next day, Roland and Jake leave the Way Station with four bags of water strapped around their shoulders (two each). Jake asks if someone was hiding there, to which Roland responds, "I don't think so"

The man in black is then seen smiling through the Way Station's window.