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Way Station 4

The Way Station #4 Comic Cover

Jake and Roland are days away from the Way Station but closer to the mountains. Jake doesn't slow Roland down none, and they reach the mountains quickly. Once they start climbing the mountain, Jake almost falls back, because he was feeling dizzy, but Roland catches him. They agree they'll start resting more.

They talk about the Tower and whether it is Roland's obsession or quest. Jake thinks it may be both. Roland hypnotizes Jake to sleep. The next day Roland gives the remaining water to Jake, who thinks he hears a stream, but still saves some for Roland, in case the stream is dirty. It isn't. They come to a spring with a waterfall, which Jake decides to swim in for a bit.

Far off in the distance Jake spots a small speck on the mountain, which turns out to be the man in black, who is moving with un-human like reflexes up the mountain. Later Jake and Roland make camp, Jake sets a fire with flint and steel, while Roland shoots a few hares to eat. Roland accidentally cuts himself and attracts a swarm of bats, which he shoots down. He returns to camp.

After dinner, the two sleep. Roland has another nightmare where he is chained up, surrounded by flames, being forced to watch Susan burn. Susan warns him, "The boy, see to the boy!". He then looks over to the Dark Tower and sees Jake, with a spike driven through his forehead. Roland wakes up, on fire and Jake missing.

Roland chases Jake's scent through a forest to a stone circle. A demon has put Jake in a trance. Roland enters the ring. She then puts Roland in a trance and is about to embrace her until he pulls out the Prophetic Jawbone, to which the demon turns away.