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The demon tells Roland that Jake is

Way Station 5

The Way Station #5 Comic Cover

better off with her then him. It says it knows prophecies, and that Roland needs to come to it. Roland says he will give the demon what it wants in return for the prophecies, but only later when Jake is safe.

Roland brings Jake back to their campfire and ties his hand to a rope that is tied to a tree stump. When Jake awakens in confusion, Roland tells him it was for his own good, becuase he was sleep walking. Roland says there is something he must do, and tells Jake to wait and gives him the Jawbone for good protection.

Roland heads back to the stone circle, he lies on a stone bed at the middle of the circle. The demon comes to him, in the form of Susan. The demon wishes to lay with Roland, but Roland wants prophecy and truth first. Eventually, the demon gives in and tells Roland that he must draw three: the prisoner, the lady of shadows and death- but not for him. She says the boy is Roland's gate to the man in black who in turn is the gate to the three.

The demon and Roland have sex, during which Roland sees Sylvia Pittston, Allie from Tull and Susan. Whne it is over, the demon begs for more, but Roland pushes it aways and leaves the circle. He returns to the camp, and him and Jake sleep again.

The next day Jake and Roland come across a foot print in the snow and continue southeast on the mountains until they encounter the man in black climbing. He tells them that they shall palaver on the otherside, just him and Roland. He heads through a tunnel. Jake says that Roland's going to kill him and he knows it, but Jake continues on with Roland nonetheless.