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The Prisoner Issue 2

The Prisoner #2 Comic Cover

Years after the unknowing murder of Gloria Dean, Enrico Balazar (the orchastrator of the murder meant for Eddie Dean), sits in his office in The Leaning Tower. He is having an argument with The Mick, the latter ending up knocking over Balazar's house of cards. Balazar responds by shooting him.

Balazar then asks Jack Andolini if they are closer to obtaining the property at Second Avenue and Forty-Sixth Street, to which Jack tells Balazar that the owner, Calvin Tower will not sell, as he dreams the lot is a field of roses.

At the Dean house, Eddie and Henry Dean have been left alone at home. Henry picking on Eddie as he usually does, he upsets Eddie. Henry then tries to cheer Eddie up, saying they should go buy some comics.

As the duo walk the Brooklyn neighbourhood, they are unaware that one of Balazar's men is watching them. They are aware that a man left his car unlocked, however. Eddie sees the car as a demon, with eyes for headlights, and a mouth where the grill should be. He knows the car is a bad omen.

Henry talks Eddie into taking the car, but as they are driving along Henry spots a cop. Eddie does as well, and notices the cop is paying no attention. When Henry asks him if the cop saw them, Eddie says yes, as he is still terrified. Henry crashes the car into a fire hydrant and begins to run off, but Eddie is stuck in the rear passenger seat, the seatbelt refusing to let him go. Henry comes back for Eddie and gets him out, but Eddie is crying, to which Henry slaps him. Eddie wises up, and the brothers move on.

Passing a theater, Henry finds that they don't have enough money to go in. They also have no way home, until they run into Jack Andolini in a Ginelli's Pizza van. He gives them a ride and tells them he has a job for them, a delivery. Henry accepts; Jack gives the boys a wad of cash and some joints, in addition to the package for delivery.

The Dean boys show up home late, but Mrs. Dean says it is good Henry is looking out for Eddie. The boys go to bed, until Henry wakes Eddie so they can make the delivery. Eddie protests at first, then follows.

They drop the package behind Woo Kim's Market, and take off. While walking away, Henry flicks his joint in the air, and unbeknowst to Eddie and Henry, it lands on the package. The building then explodes, and the boys panic and take off.