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The Prisoner #1 Comic Cover (also used for the collection, minus issue number)

A low man is nailing a poster to a pole that reads, "Please help us find our puppy Eddie! Eddie is two years old! Will  answer to the name 'Deano".

1964, New York. Jack Andolini and Frank sit in their car, discussing the job given to them by Balazar, which involves killing children. Neither of them like the job, but it comes from Balazar's boss, who is yet to be known.

Meanwhile, two year-old Eddie Dean, his ten year-old brother Henry and their sister Gloria are playing outside. Eddie is playing with his Western action figures of Johnny Bronco and Sam Sidewinder with Henry, while Gloria and her friend play hopscotch. While playing Henry "cheats" by using an imaginary cannon on Eddie's toy, which causes Eddie to cry.

Henry's friend Tommy comes by, and picks up Eddie's toy for him, to which Henry makes a snide comment to Tommy. Tommy reveals that the toy is made by North Central Positronics, which makes it cool. He then asks Henry if he wants to see the new Clint Eastwood movie, A Fistful of Dollars. The Dean's mother comes and Henry asks her if he can go. Mrs. Dean questions who will watch Gloria and Eddie, to which Gloria disputes she doesn't need watching.

Mother Dean then agrees, and Henry leaves even though Eddie wants to go with him. Mother Dean then asks Gloria to watch Eddie so she can go to the store. While under his sister's watch, she doesn't let Eddie play with her and her friend, which causes Eddie to throw a fit and kick Gloria's doll, Dee-Dee. This makes Gloria furious and she shoves Eddie.

However, in her anger she doesn't notice the car speeding towards her, and it hits her, killing her on impact. Eddie does not understand what's going on, just that his mother is screaming for Gloria, Gloria is not moving, and the man behind the wheel is dead.

Later on, Jack meets with Balazar's boss at the Dixie Pig. Most of the inhabitants are Grandfathers, as is Balazar's boss. Most of the guests are eating people, which Balazar's boss ensures Balazar that what the two are eating is not human. When asked, Jack tells the Grandfather that the job was failed, Frank didn't kill the boy, but instead hit the sister. He also doesn't understand why they are trying to kill an innocent kid.

To this, the Grandfather replies, "Ah, but no one is truly innocent, Mr. Andolini. And it's not the boy that needs to be eliminated.. but the man he will grow into".