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The Mist is a novella by Stephen King. It was originally collected in the 1980 anthology, Dark Forces, and in King's own collection, Skeleton Crew, but was later re-published on its own by Signet. The story was adapted into a 2007 film.

Brief Synopsis[]

A thick mist covers the town of Bridgton, Maine. It hides strange monsters that attack anyone who goes outside. A group of people are trapped in a supermarket. The people speculate that the mist was caused by a secret government establishment nearby, "The Arrowhead Project". A smaller group, led by film artist David Drayton, attempts to lead a group to find safety. They pile into a car and they hear one word broadcast on the radio, "Hartford". They continue on hoping to find a safe haven.

Connection to the Dark Tower Series[]

It is likely that the Arrowhead Project was able to create a thinny. This thinny allowed monsters to escape the Todash Space to roam free. However, whether this is true or not has never been confirmed.

There is also a creature resembling the tentacle creature of The Mist in The Wind Through The Keyhole. As Tim Ross crosses the bridge to seek outMaerlyn. It is described only from the tentacles that are said to be pink and act like a snake which resembles the description of the tentacle creature in The Mist.

Film Adaption[]

In the opening scenes of the film adaption of The Mist, film artist David Drayton is seen finalizing a portrait of Roland Deschain, standing before The Dark Tower, with a Rose at his side.

The line, "My life for you", spoken by Mrs. Carmody in the film, is a recurring line in other Stephen King texts, by the Trashcan man to Randall Flagg in "The Stand".

The Mist film screen capture of The Dark Tower