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The Manni have created words of their own to refer to their unique way of life. Some of their words exist in the English language, but take on additional meanings. They also use the archaic forms of "you", "thee" and "thou".

Partial Glossary[]

—The cabin in which Manni families live
—A person that allows another to travel between worlds
The Over
—One of the deities of the Manni, appears to be similar to the Prim
The Force
—One of the deities of the Manni
The Forgetful, The Forgetful Folk
—The non-Manni population of the world(s). The Manni believe that their knowledge and beliefs were once common and universal and have been abandoned or forgotten by society at large. The term 'forgetful can also refer to members of the Manni who has left their clan and joined non-Manni society.