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The Man in Black 2

The Man in Black #2 Comic Cover

Roland rushes through the Cyclopean Mountains' tunnels determined to make sure Jake is alright. Roland finds Jake lying, returning from his experience in Todash Space on the Main Street 8013 Local. He gives Jake water, and discusses the danger ahead.

Meanwhile, Walter is making a deal with the Cyclopean Muties: they can eat Jake if they want, but they must preserve Roland.

Jake and Roland walk through the ancient tunnels of the railroads, and during that time, Roland explains to Jake the factors of his world, and the importance of the Dark Tower. He explains the positioning of the Beams and Beam Guardians as well.

Roland then recalls his past to Jake. His pranks with Cuthbert Allgood, and Alain Johns. Also the first time Roland and his friends suspected something was up between Marten Broadcloak and Gabrielle Deschain. Roland then tells Jake that he was the one who ended his mother's life.

Roland and Jake also find a handcar, get on it, and start to push it. The Cyclopean Muties catch up and begin to ambush the duo.