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The Long Road Home #1 Comic Cover

The comic carries on directly from The Gunslinger Born. Roland holds the burnt remains of his love, Susan Delgado, and flees with her dead body along with his ka-mates Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns.

Roland shoots at Maerlyn's Grapefruit in anger over Susan's death. Alain notices the sphere change into its demon form and latches onto Roland before changing back into a sphere again, but now with Roland's soul trapped inside of it. There he is confronted with the dead Big Coffin Hunters and relives Susan's death. Clay Reynolds, the last living Big Coffin Hunter, hears the gunshot and so Cuthbert and Alain flee with lifeless Roland in their arms, having to leave Susan's.

Alain kills Clay's horse and so he takes Taylor's to carry on the chase. The two boys reach a river and attempt to cross it, with Cuthbert nearly drowning in the process.

Sheemie reaches the remains of the Dogan in the west of Mejis. Entering it, he finds a mummified corpse and accidentally activates the Psychic Enhancer Assistant inside the building.


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