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Long Road Home Chapter4

The Long Road Home #4 Comic Cover

The two gunslingers, Cuthbert and Alain, are attacked by an entire pack of mutie wolves. At one point, Cuthbert has to use Roland's guns, which he greatly dislikes doing. They kill them all, but Alain is injured during the attack. Sheemie then appears and Cuthbert shoots him, thinking it is another wolf.

Roland is taken to Le Casse Roi Russe by Marten Broadcloak still in his raven form, taking him for a royal audience with the Crimson King.

Sheemie, now injured, lies down to sleep and heals himself with his psychic powers and then proceeding to heal the wounds Alain had sustained from the wolves. They are astounded by his powers and ask him if he would be able to rescue Roland from inside Maerlyn's Grapefruit.

Roland is unimpressed by the Crimson King. He refuses to bow to the King and so Marten repeatedly attacks him. Sheemie watches this happen whilst looking into the Grapefruit and after mounting his mule, he jumps into the sphere to try and save Roland.


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