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Little Sisters 2

The Little Sisters of Eluria issues #2 Cover

Roland wakes up in the midst of one of the Little Sisters, Jenna. She tells him he'll be fine, although his eye is swollen and he is have severely cut. She touches James' Pendant and cries out in pain. The other Sisters come and start taunting Jenna saying she is in love with Roland, and they should remove James' Pendant so they may sink their teeth in his neck. "Kisses sweeter then wine", says one.

However, Jenna says they can't have him, much to the protest of "The Big Sister", Sister Mary. The five Sisters turn to go to another man, in his twenties, transform, and start eating him.

Roland awakens later and to his left, sees a boy he mistakes for James at first who is bearing the same pendant as well, and decides it must be a family emblem. He is lying in a bed. To Roland's right, he sees an old man dangling in a net and the skin on the oldman's legs is crawling "Moving without moving", Roland remarks.

Roland then meets the rest of the Sisters: Louise, Michela, Coquina and Tamara. They ask him to remove the pendant, suggesting it may be poison, but Roland refuses. Jenna walks in and the Sisters transform again, telling her to leave.

Jenna has, in fact, come to love Roland and the Sisters leave "in memory of her mother, whom they loved so much". Jenna tells Roland that the plave he is in, is not a covenant, but a hospital. When Roland asks where the doctors are, she tells him not to scream and then jingles her bells on her head-dress and bugs start crawling out of the old man's legs. Roland then asks where his guns are, but she lies and says she seen none. Roland lets it pass.

Jenna asks Roland if she is pretty and Roland says yes. She tells Roland that James was her brother. Later, the Sisters take Jenna away and Sister Coquina comes in. Roland convinces her that James' brother (the man with the medallion around his neck) is his brother. She asks for the name and Roland says "John Norman" which is correct.