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Little Sisters 1

The Little Sisters of Eluria #1 Comic Cover

The events of The Little Sisters of Eluria take place sometime after The Journey Begins.

Roland Deschain is travelling through the Desatoya Mountains on his horse, Topsy and the weather is hot and dry. Roland spots a desolate town and rides up to it. He then walks into the town and sees that all the buildings are empty, the saloon is closed and there's blood on the door. He calls out the local, only to receives no answer from alive being, except from a bell. He senses he's being watched.

Roland enters the Sheriff's Office that has but one cell and one bed. He then finds the "Registry of Misdeeds & Redress", a read book that appears to list all the wrong doings in Eluria. Roland hears a thuding and looks outside spotting a dog with a broken leg gnawing at a dead body. He attempts to shoot it, knowing a dog with the taste for human blood is of no use to anyone, but thinks it would be an omen to kill the only thing in town.

He looks down at the body of a boy named James, which is now all bloated because his body has been cooking in the sun (and the nine-inches of water the body is in). He take's James Pendant off him. It is golden and reads "James + Loved of Family, Loved of God". Topsy falls dead and Roland turns around seeing Eluria's real residents: an army of slow mutants.

Roland kills one and then asks who wants to be second. No one does. They all stand their ground and Roland backs away. He doesn't realized that behind him is a two-headed slow mutant and the mutant hits Roland in the head with a block of wood. Roland turns around and shoots one of the heads off and the other slow mutants move in, overpowering Roland. They take Roland and tie his hands to the back of horse and starting riding, Roland (now unconscious) thumping on the ground.

The demonic Little Sisters come and tell the mutants to cease, they have no right.

Roland has a dream that he is dead, hanging from a cross, being burned by flames then swallowed by crickets. He then wakes up in an unknown room in a white gown and a voice tells him "Be still. Heal." and a hand touches his forehead.