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Roland takes a Nibble Hed, his stomach begins to cramp and his heart starts to

Little Sisters 4

The Little Sisters of Eluria #4 Comic Cover

race. He believes he is poisoned and curses Sister Jenna for tricking him. The Little Sisters (besides Jenna) come and drink Abraham's blood, killing him. Roland was pretending to be asleep, despite the pain, but when the Sisters come over, he awakens. They still cannot touch him due to James' Pendant.

However, Sister Mary says they can feed off Roland's pleasure. She grips his "...uhm...tower" (as the comic puts it) and when he climaxes, she "feeds" the Sisters, and they begin to look younger and rejuvenated. Sister Mary then sends Sister Tamara to fetch Ralph, of the Green Folk. Roland sleeps.

Roland awakens feeling energized and fine, figuring out Jenna did not poison him. Sister Mary comes and gives Roland more porridge, which Roland only eats because Sister Mary threatens to hurt Jenna. The porridge makes him numb. He sleeps.

Roland awakens again and senses a stranger in the room. It is Ralph, the Slow Mutant. Sister Mary commands him to take the pendants from Roland and John. Ralph demands whiskey and tobacco, but Sister Mary pulls a gun on him, not planning on giving it to him or letting him leave alive. Ralph takes the pendant from John and then tears open his neck. This distracts the Sisters as they want his blood, and Ralph escapes. Roland sleeps after this.

Roland awakens to Sister Coquina bringing him more porridge. Roland sees John's bed is now empty, and commands to know where his "brother" is. Sister Coquina says she knows Roland is not his brother, pendant or no pendant, and says the pendant is making Roland sick, as it did with John (which is a lie). When Coquina leans in closer, she spots the Nibble Heds and asks where he got them. Sister Jenna responds from behind her.

Roland takes opportunity of Coquina's confusion to burn her face with James' Pendant, and then Sister Jenna rings the bells on her headress to summon the bugs. The bugs proceed to devour Coquina, even though she tries to ring her own bells and call them off.