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Once Sister Coquina has been completely smothered with the

Little Sisters 5

The Little Sisters of Eluria #5 Comic Cover
(also used for the Hardcover collection, besides the Issue Number)

 cam tam, Sister Jenna hands Roland his guns. The "infirmary" around him begins fading, and as him and Jenna step outside he sees that the builidng was an illusion. All the infirmary was but a tent. Sister Jenna also gives Roland John Norman's medallion, because Roland forgot it, but Jenna picked it up, again proving she isn't like the other Sisters. Roland kisses her hand.

The remaining Sisters appear (besides Sister Mary) and begin taunting Roland and Jenna. The Sisters then tell Jenna she is damned and Roland asks what they mean. Jenna tells Roland to ignore it, that she is going with him. As they palaver Sister Mary jumps towards them. They have nothing to defend themselves with. The cam tam will not stray from the other Sisters, and Rolands guns are useless on vampires.

Roland leaps forward and tries to strangle Sister Mary, but she tosses him aside. Sister Jenna continues to ring her bells on her headdress, and Sister Mary laughes. A Cross Dog hears the bells and jumps towards Sister Mary. The dog bites through her neck and takes her head off. Roland and Jenna run.

They reach a field. Jenna takes her headdress off and Roland and Jenna begin kissing. Roland falls asleep before they can make love, but Jenna says she loves Roland. Roland dreams of reaching the Tower with the cross dog and then hears ringing. He thinks it's the Tower but when he wakes up, he realizes it is Jenna. When he awakes he sees that Jenna's body is gone. All that remains is her clothing and headdress. He then realizes Jenna's damnation- she was made of cam tam. Roland walks away, alone, continuing his way to the Tower.