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The Laughing Mirror was a magical artifact, created from the magic of the Prim by Maerlyn.

It was designed to distort reflections of the White making them appear hideous, stupid and ridiculous. Maerlyn shattered the mirror into millions of shards and they were scattered throughout all the world in an attempt to reflect an image of the Dark Tower back to itself.

A shard became embedded in the heel of Eldred Jonas during his Gunslinger training at Gilead and one drifts into the eye of Rhea of the Cöos, making her aware of magic in the land.


Stephen King borrows heavily in this from the narrative of "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Anderson, where an evil troll/devil creates a laughing mirror that reflects all things distorted so you see the bad as magnified and the good as shrunken, thus you see the bad in everything, and everyone. In that story a shard of the mirror is embeded in the boy Kay, allowing him to be taken by the Snow Queen to a place devoid of all warmth.