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Journey Begins 3

The Journey Begins #3 Comic Cover

In Chapter Three we find Roland Deschain and John's Billy-Bumbler, in Gilead's kitchen in the presence of Hax's ghost. Roland tells Hax that he cannot play on Roland's un-existent guilt and that he's only sad he couldn't see Hax hang twice.

The story then passes to a flashback of Roland's childhood. After a training session with Cort, Roland and Cuthbert go looking for something to eat because they lost the session and it was Cort's orders to have them go to sleep with no supper. However, Hax gives them some pie telling the boys "Not to get him in trouble". They the go to eat under the stairs.

Hax and another man come later, not noticing Roland and Cuthbert. Overhearing Hax, Roland finds out that he is making poisoned meat for the children of Taunton and his loyalty is to Farson. Roland goes and tells his father of Hax's betrayal and Steven Deschain orders Hax to be hanged.

Roland and Cuthbert head to the spot Hax is to be hanged in a few hours. Cuthbert does not want anything to do with the hanging but Roland wants him to overcome his fear. Cuthbert puts the rope around his own neck and slips, almost being hanged himself, but Roland saves him. Roland then hands Cuthbert a piece of wood and tells him it is to commemorate the day as the day their childhoods ended.

Later that day Hax is hanged, and when the noose tightened, Hax was still trying to speak. He didn't confess to what he did saying that he has remembered the face of his father. Cuthbert says he enjoyed seeing the hanging happen.

We then resume to the future where Roland is staring down Hax's ghost demanding that he finishes the sentence he never had the chance to choke out before death. Hax says nothing. Roland points his guns at Hax and then he disappears leaving behind the letters "RIGRET" in blood.