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The Journey Begins #1 Comic Cover

As the chapter begins, we find The Man In Black in the desert burning some devil grass. Upon seeing the devil grass burn he exclaims "Gilead did not burn half so brightly as this, Roland, but it did burn for twice as long." He then tells Roland to come and find him.

Roland is then seen arriving in an unknown town that has been completely burned. He comes across an Old Diseased Man who asks Roland to give The Man Jesus his only possession left, a compass. Roland then moves along to the Mohaine Desert. After some travel Roland spots Brown's hut.

Brown, who has seen The Man In Black whom he dubs a "priest" offers Roland to come in, rest, and palaver. Brown wants to hear Roland's story but at first Roland is reluctant as he thinks Brown is someone working for The Red. After Brown convinces Roland he means him no harm, the story begins.

His story begins after The Battle of Jericho Hill when the Not-Men are throwing all the dead Gunslingers into a pile. Roland who was still alive, begins to leave but is almost spotted by the one remaining Not-Men, but he kills him with the butt of his gun. As Roland leaves the pile of his dead companions his arm is grabbed by Aileen Ritter.


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