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The Journey Begins #5 Comic Cover

The Widow Black is stilling screaming out the window, at the Not-Man who kidnapped Susan, when Roland Deschain and John's Billy Bumbler arrive at Susan's house. John's Bumbler picks up the scent and leads Roland to the Dogan located on the outskirts of Kingstown. In one of the rooms Roland finds Susan laying on a bed and another girl, named Jessica, sitting on the bed.

Roland thinks the other girl is a threat but she was kidnapped as well. Roland, John's Bumbler, and the other girl hide as a group of four Not-Men enter the room. A struggle ensues between the now awakened Susan and the Not-Men, but the Not-Men electrocute her. Roland breaks out of the closet he was hiding and kills all the Not-Men in the room. The group then begins to make their escape.

Roland and John's Bumbler went one way and left the girls behind but in Susan's attempt to follow Roland, gets captured by another Not-Man. John's Bumbler attacks the Not-Man and bites his neck. The Not-Man grabs the Bumbler and throws him against a tree branch, impaling and killing him. Jessica comes and shoots the Not-Man, killing him as well. Roland says goodbye to John's Bumbler and goes back to Susan's house where he lays with her. He leaves her in the morning.

The narrative is set back to the future where we find Roland in Brown's hut, his story ended. Roland says he feels better telling it, but he can't mourn much longer. He leaves Brown's hut and tells Brown he must resume his quest for The Dark Tower.