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The Hitler Brothers are a pair of neo-Nazi brothers, who lived in New York City. They would kill Jews, African Americans, or anyone who sympathized with them. Donald Callahan gave them the nicknames of Lennie and George, a reference to Of Mice and Men, because of their height discrepancy. Their real names were Norton "Nort" Randolph and William "Bill" Garton. Their signature mark was carving swastikas on the foreheads of their victims.

They were killed by agents of the Crimson King, most likely the low men, after they failed to kill Callahan.

Role in the Dark Tower Series[]

The Hitler Brothers were hired to kill Father Callahan. They attempted to track him down through Rowan Magruder, by torturing him and putting him in the hospital. Magruder refused to tell them where Callahan was, but they eventually found him anyway.

When the Hitler Brothers caught up to Callahan, they started to carve the swastika in his forehead, but only managed to get the cross in before they were stopped. Calvin Tower and Aaron Deepneau held a gun on them and forced the brothers to leave Callahan alone.