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Gunslinger born chapter2

The Gunslinger Born #2 Comic Cover

Roland and his father argue, Roland swearing he will kill Marten now he knows he's slept with his mother. His father tells him he knew of the affair for two years, as saying how Marten wishes to kill him and so he will send him east to Mejis with Alain and Cuthbert

Marten contacts the Crimson King through Black 13 at Le Casse Roi Russe. He reports of Steven Deschain's return, news of the people living in The Shaved Mountains as well as the Pink Sphere, which is being delivered to its chosen location. The Crimson King is displeased when he learns Roland passed his test of manhood. Interrupted by three guardsmen who come to arrest him on Steven's orders he turns them into dogs leaving Gilead through a doorway he draws on the wall.

Roland, Alain and Cuthbert are given their orders to go to Hambry as the eyes and ears of the gunslingers to see if the Horseman's Association there has joined Farson. Their secondary goal is to see if they have refined oil to use in machines of the Great Old Ones, though they are told to disguise themselves. They are warned of the Pink Sphere.

Roland's mother is there when they leave; he tells her he will strive to forget her face.

Clay Reynolds is playing cards with Roy Depape and another man. He kills him when he accuses him of cheating. Eldred Jonas enters saying they are all now deputies. They then go to deliver the Grapefruit to Rhea ordering Sheemie to dispose of the dead man.

Roland, Alain and Cuthbert stop to rest at Ritzy, stepping inside a building they are confronted by a weed addict. He says how he was once an apprentice Gunslinger but failed his test against Fardo Andrus. He informs them that Pat Delgado has died and there are new sherriffs in the town.

The Grapefruit is handed to Rhea, saying they will kill her if she loses it. Susan Delgado then arrives at her house, singing My Cares Were Far Away as she approaches.

She is ordered to build up the fire and so leaves the house for firewood. Rhea stares into the Grapefruit lovingly which Susan notices through an open window. Rhea sees the arrival of the three boys.

Rhea examines Susan to see if she has remained a virgin and therefore pure for her husband-to-be, Mayor Thorin, she is given Rhea's sigil to show she is pure and to tell him he cannot have her till Demon's Moon arises. She hypnotises her using a medallion, though Susan is made to forget this happens. When she rouses she runs from the witche's house in flood of tears.

She asks for help and Roland appearing besides her.


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