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Gunslinger born chapter3

The Gunslinger Born #3 Comic Cover

Roland has appeared next to Susan after introducing themselves. Roland states his business in Hambry and they walk for a time with Roland hearing of Pat Delgado's death as well as seeing for the first time Citgo and hearing the Thinny that dwells in Eyebolt Canyon. Susan departs asking Roland when he next sees her to act as though it is for the first time.

We then jump to John Farson who has destroyed the capital of Cressia, Indrie. Marten appears through a doorway and discusses with Farson the shipments of oil from Citgo and other matters.

Returning to Roland and his party they arrive at Seafront, the home of Hart Thorin. Roland sees Susan again and acts as though he meets her for the first time as promised. Alain, Cuthbert and Eldred Jonas notice Roland's attention centered on her.

They learn of the horses and how they are slowly becoming threaded stock in Mejis from Hash Renfrew and of how Susan is the sh'veen of the Mayor which Roland finds disgusting; as well as how the Mayor's first wife Olive is barren. They thank Renfrew for giving them residence in the Bar K.

Over in The Traveller's Rest a drunken man asks if Clay Reynolds has been into the Citgo oil fields as he smells of oil and pine gum. Reynolds kicks him to the floor, not wanting people to discover he has been there. This results in the man knocking Sheemie over, causing "Camel Piss" to fall onto Roy Depape's shoes. He commands Sheemie to lick it off and Cuthbert intervenes, resulting in a stand of between Roland, Cuthbert, Alain, Eldred, Roy and Clay. They call a truce at the demand of Sheriff Avery, crying each others' pardon.

Roland and the other two leave discussing how they know that the men wish them dead and discussing the coffin tattoos on the men's hands. Eldred Jonas punches Roy Depape for causing the stand off and swears to kill Roland for placing a knife against his back.


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