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Gunslinger born chapter7

The Gunslinger Born #7 Comic Cover

In the final installment, Susan Delgado is asleep and is woken by the Big Coffin Hunters and beaten. Clay Reynolds is ordered to take her back to Hambry. Eldred Jonas then takes Maerlyn's Grapefruit from Rhea, who cries out when it's taken and damns him. During this Sheemie had left to empty his bladder and so secretly follows them back to Hambry when he sees Susan taken.

Roland Deschain, Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns await the arrival of Eldred and his men just outside the Bad Grass. They arrive and the three gunslingers attack them in stealth. Their stealth is finally broken and the battle begins resulting in Roy Depape and Jonas killed during the battle and the three gunslingers securing the Grapefruit.

Rhea pays a visit to Cordelia Delgado, Susan's aunt, telling her how she offered her virginity to Roland, hypnotizing her during the process. She feeds off the women's blood while uttering the words, Charyou Tree, into her ear.

George Latigo's force comes under fire from the gunslingers and he takes Hendrick's forces to follow them into Eyebolt Canyon.

Cordelia and Rhea arrive at The Traveller's Rest and declare what Susan has done to the villagers, as well as saying "Charyou Tree". So, they go to kill Susan as they feel it should be done.

Latigo becomes trapped in Eyebolt Canyon as the gunslingers set fire to the brush in the entrance. They then begin to hear the voice of the thinny and they are all consumed by it. The three gunslingers rejoice at their success but Roland feels the call of the Grapefruit and looking into it he sees the death of Susan. Her last words to him are Roland, I Love Thee!

The story ends with Roland a broken man, hugging the Grapefruit against his chest.


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