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Gunslinger born chapter1

The Gunslinger Born #1 Comic Cover

The chapter starts with the same beginning as the first book of the series The Gunslinger with the same lines,

The man in black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed.

The chapter starts with Roland Deschain, Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns in training with Cort using Hawks. The lesson ends badly with them crying pardon to Cort, Roland taking the Book of Falconry when he leaves.

After the lesson Roland is found by Marten Broadcloak who tricks him into thinking his mother wishes to speak with him, leading to Roland discovering that Marten has been bedding his mother. This spurs him into challenging Cort in the test of manhood so he may earn his guns.

He leaves to retrieve David, planning on using him during his challenge with Cort as his weapon of choice. Alain and Cuthbert are there and Alain's psychic touch allows him to see that Roland has challenged Cort. For which they think he is mad yet they still go with him to watch him challenge Cort.

He returns to Cort for his test; he and Cort speaking the words of a rite before the challenge can begin.

Have you come here for a serious purpose boy?
I have come for a serious purpose.
Have you come as an outcast from your father's house?
I have so come, and will remain so unless I best you.
Have you come with your chosen weapon.
I have. What is your weapon?
My weapon is David.

During the challenge, Cort's eye is injured by David as well as him losing an ear. The Hawk is soon killed by Cort's own hands. Roland then subdues the man causing him to yield and Cort hands a key to Roland which will allow him to retrieve his first guns.

Roland orders Cort to be taken to his house and nurses sent for, whilst he retrieves his guns.

He returns home; his mother shocked that he has his guns and Marten seemingly surprised by the turn of events. Roland confronts him saying that Marten has forced him into the challenge.

Roland and Cuthbert bury David. Roland then goes to a brothel and the next morning his father enters the room while Roland and the whore sleep. Roland wakes and turns to attack the intruder but his father shoots the gun in his hand thus breaking them.

The chapter ends with his father telling Roland that he has forgotten his face.


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