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Fall of Gilead chapter2

The Fall of Gilead #2 Comic Cover

Roland Deschain admits to killing his mother to his father and so he is taken into custody, his father discovers the dagger Gabrielle held which was supposed to kill him. A guard breaks in informing them they saw Marten Broadcloak leaving with The Grapefruit. Steven decides they must pursue him.

Cort is near death due to the Poisoned Book and Sheemie arrives at Gilead and is refuse entry. Using his powers he slips past the guards who then belive he is a Not-Men putting the other guards on high alert and causing them to send a search party out for him.

Cuthbert Allgood and Alain Johns visit Roland in prison and Steven, Robert Allgood and Christopher Johns have followed Marten as far as they can which ends in a dead end. They are ambushed by Slow Mutants and in the fight Robert is killed.


The plot of this comic should be considered non-canon, as in The Wind Through the Keyhole, after Roland admits killing his mother he is not taken into custody, rather, is sent on a mission with Jamie De Curry.


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