Overall Series Rating (as prescribed by the admin): PG13+ (Mature Audience)

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General Information

Title: The Dark Tower Series
Author: Stephen King
Release Date: The Gunslinger: 1982

The Drawing of the Three: 1987
The Waste Lands: 1991
Wizard and Glass: 1997
Wolves of the Calla: 2003
Song of Susannah: 2004
The Dark Tower: 2004
The Wind Through the Keyhole: 2012

Genre: Western, sci-fi, fantasy, horror
Number of Pages: 4,250
Description: Roland Deschain, the last of a people known as Gunslingers, travels through Mid-World, a place that seems like a post-apocalyptic Earth. His goal is to find the fabled Dark Tower, which is said to be the nexus of all worlds and universes. Nobody knows for sure if it even exists, but rumor has it that the Crimson King is seeking to destroy it. Throughout his journey and various flashbacks, Roland battles countless enemies and travels to other worlds and times in order to create a ka-tet, or group of people bound by fate, so that he may someday reach the tower.
Main Characters: Roland Deschain, The Crimson King, Eddie Dean, Susannah Dean, Jake Chambers, Oy, Donald Callahan, Mordred Deschain, Walter Padick
Related Book Series: Many of Stephen King's other books have connections to the Dark Tower series.
Related Films: None, but Dark Tower movies could be in the works.

Content Ratings

Rating: PG-13 to R; intended for a mature audience.

If you have any further questions on mature content in the series, please contact one of the admins.

Violence: Moderate (sometimes more) and freaquent. Violence oftentimes plays a major role in the series, however it is not the backbone or guiding force behind the series. There are plenty of significant moments without violence. Gun battles and other forms of fighting occur on a regular basis, and author Stephen King has a reputation for his graphic details. Deaths and injuries can at times be gruesome and descriptive.
Language: Strong and frequent language. Four-letter words beginning with F, C, D, and S are used throughout the stories, as well other strong language.
Sexual Themes and Nudity: Moderate. Sexual relations are implied in many parts of the stories, but are rarely described in detail.
Drugs and Alcohol: Moderate. One character enters the stories as a heroin smuggler and addict, although the actual act of taking this drug is rarely, if ever, described. Alcohol and tobacco are used frequently.
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Mild to moderate. Jokes of a sexual nature can occasionally be found.


BOOK I : The Gunslinger Edit

Rating: PG13+

Synopsis: The Man in Black Fled into the desert, and the gunslinger followed. Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger travels through the Mohaine Desert to catch up with his nemesis, The Man in Black and to find the elusive Dark Tower. Along the way he meets Jake Chambers, a young boy, but there's more than meets the eye about this boy.

Flagged for: Sexual implications; Gore; Mild Violence

Comments: Out of the Series, The Gunslinger is the most easy to follow book, as well as the least profain.

BOOK II: The Drawing of the ThreeEdit

Rating: R

Synopsis: Roland continues his quest for the Tower, making more enemies than he had before. However, Roland also brings forth new allies - Eddie Dean and Odetta Holmes, something he hasn't had in a long time. And the Tower is closer...

Flagged for:  Sexual scenes; Gore; Violence; Drug usage and reference

Comments: This book is definately for mature readers, and those who are not influenced by what they read. The Drawing of the Three has some of the over-the-top scenes in the series, and should not be read by those under 16.