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The Dark Tower Comics are a series of graphic novels supervised by Robin Furth and scripted by Peter David. In 2006, Marvel Comics announced an adaptation for The Dark Tower Series was going to be released as a comic book series. On February 7, 2007 the first of these, The Gunslinger Born, was released. Each series has been released as a number of comics and then as a hardcover collection. Richard Isanove and (until recently) Jae Lee handled the art. The Journey Begins and The Little Sisters of Eluria have seen Lee replaced by Sean Phillips.

Current Publications[]

Other Publications[]

Cancelled Publications[]

  • Sheemie's Tale was planned as a one shot comic centred around Sheemie although his actions in the comic are unknown. It was planned for publication on November 2010, then postponed to January 26, 2011. It was Published as a two issue limited series with publication dates of March and Apirl 2013.