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The Battle of the Crimson King was the Crimson King's final stand against Roland Deschain.

The Field of Can'-Ka-No Rey[]

Upon reaching the field of Can'-Ka No Rey with Patrick Danville, Roland comes across the Dark Tower at last, but the Crimson King is sitting on a balcony outside the Tower, waiting to kill Roland. The Crimson King is trapped to the outside of the Tower, and wants a sign of Eld, which only Roland carries (The Sandalwood Guns).

The Crimson King throws sneetchs at Roland, who takes cover and dodges them, but Roland also finds he can not hit the Crimson King by gun. In the end, Patrick Danville draws and erases the Crimson King, wiping his body out of existence (The Crimson King's Eye still remain on he balcony of the Dark Tower).  Roland then approaches the Tower, with nothing left standing in his way.