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Sheb stands in Allie's room, looming over her and Roland, holding a knife. Rola

The Battle of Tull 2

The Battle of Tull #2 Comic Cover

nd isn't scared and punches Sheb in the face, sending him and the knife flying. Sheb breaks both his wrists and Allie tends to them. Roland begins to recognize Sheb and talks about Hambry, but then threatens Sheb (for allowing Susan to burn). Sheb then leaves.

Roland does not explain about Hambry or Susan, but demands Allie tell him about Nort. She tells him about how Nort began smelling devil grass then progressed to eat it. He showed up at Sheb's one day claiming "The coach is coming", then went outside, threw up, and died.

A few days later the Man in Black rode into town and stopped at Sheb's. He has a conversation with Allie who first mistakes him as priest. He then moved to Nort's body and began spitting on his face, then jumping over him. Nort begins to twitch, and then comes alive.